Our Procedures

Express Way has invested thousands of dollars to ensure that our customers receive the best service available today. Our software system has many bells and whistles that create "fail safes". For example, when you call in a load with pieces and weight, we enter into the system that information. When the driver gets loaded, pieces and weight are verified. If there is a discrepancy, verification is immediately confirmed with the customer to assure proper pieces and weight. Automatic Email Updates are built into the system for those who like this service. You can be set up in the system to receive email, phone, or fax confirmations in relation to any aspect of your load (Pick up, delivery, half way point, etc). Space and time will not allow for all of the features to be mentioned here about our software, which is backed up daily. Physical procedures are in place for back up purposes also. We have generators in place for possible power outages. We have back up web accessibilities (DSL, Satellite, Dial Up, Cable). Yes, we go far beyond our competition to ensure and guarantee your critical freight.

Our Prices: Quite simply, are going to save you money. Call for a fast and friendly quote. In less than 2 minutes you can compare and save. 888-977-7929

Our Guarantee: We guarantee professionalism, quality, and service that will exceed your expectations.

• You will never receive an unrealistic ETA.
• You will never receive a dishonest comment on any situation.
• We are extremely Pro-Active. Let's face it, unforeseen occurrences can happen, flat tires, accidents, weather conditions, etc. However, if some mishap were to occur that could jeopardize protect times and or the freight, we call you right away to update the situation. This way you are always well aware of any situation long before your customer calls, upset that they have not yet received their freight. This has been a problem that many customers experience from other expediters, out of the blue a call comes saying their freight is late and you know nothing about it. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN when you use Express Way Inc!
• You will not receive an invoice with a different amount than that which was quoted. No surprises.
• You will not have an old beat up vehicle hauling your critical freight. All our equipment is within 7 years old or newer. All of our equipment has our logo and authority numbers on them.